Whether you’re adventuring solo or making memories with those you love, camping is one of the best ways to spend quality time in nature.

Streamlight Pro offers a world-leading range of tools that enhance the camping experience. Our top tool recommendations for campers? Head torches and headlamps.

Let There Be Light

When both hands and directional lighting are needed most, head torches are essential. For everything from tent pitching to building a fire, head torches leave your hands free to safely handle every bit of necessary camping equipment.

National Parks UK reported a record number of campers visiting green spaces in 2020-2021. While camping’s popularity trends upward, so do the demands of modern campers for quality camping equipment like headlamps. Streamlight Pro headlamps are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that our built-for-purpose, lightweight products fit so comfortably that your focus stays on what’s ahead, not on what’s on your head.

Better Visibility = Better Safety

Finding anything becomes easier with directional beams of light that illuminate exactly where you look. This enhances your safety on a campsite everywhere from the fireside to the trek to the outhouse. With minimal effort, you can intuitively do a quick visual sweep of any area (even the inside of your tent!) to ensure it’s free from oversized insects and other small hazards.

Most Streamlight Pro headlamps also feature a spotlight option for long-distance visibility. Their focused beam settings can help you see far ahead, even through patchy and shadowy areas like thick brush.

You can choose a head torch based on your particular needs, depending on how much light power you are after. They’re lighter and smaller than most flashlights, but still capable of powering the brightest lights for long periods. They’re also easily recharged or replaced so you know your light source will work every time you need it, whether for a focused spotlight view or a soft floodlight illumination.

Visibility works both ways on a campsite: see and be seen! The more visible YOU are, the safer you become. Hands-free headlamps light up your path as you go, warning fellow adventurers and wildlife of your presence before you get too close for comfort.

Keeping Phones Protected

Many amateur outdoorsmen opt to use their phone’s built-in torch in place of tools designed specifically for their adventuring needs. This may seem like a quick fix, but relying on a phone torch actually carries some unique risks.

Using a headlamp instead of your phone will conserve your phone’s valuable battery life. It goes without saying that a charged phone is absolutely essential for the modern camper. It keeps you connected to civilisation should anything unexpected happen! That’s especially key for anyone participating in ‘wild camping,’ a riskier, campsite-free style of adventuring currently only legal for campers in Scotland and abroad.

Not only could phone torch reliance get you into tricky dead battery situations: it also requires you to navigate your camping experience one-handed. Keeping a torch in your kit is one thing, but relying on your phone is another. Phones are pricey! Dropping them is all too easy while setting up a portable stove or stumbling along a trail at night- and injuring yourself is an even greater risk. Head torches eliminate those issues altogether.

Best Head Torches for Camping

Along with our tried and trusted models, Streamlight Pro now offers a new selection of head torches and headlamps for camping. They all excel in three key areas: light output, power efficiency, and ergonomics.

For those wanting USB chargeability, the Enduro Pro USB, USB HAZ-LO Intrinsically Safe Headlamp, Twin Task USB Headlamp, and Double Clutch USB Headlamp are great options. They’re all rechargeable and designed to hold their charges for up to 48 hours of constant use.

All of our headlamps and head torches are made from waterproof materials as well, ensuring that you can achieve your best camping trips no matter the weather.

For a roundup of all our headlamp and head torch options, follow the link below.

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