Climbing & Caving

Go climbing and caving with confidence by harnessing the power of light!

Powerful, lightweight, and hands-free torch options can help you make the most of your climbing or caving experience every time. Increased visibility means you can focus on the decisions at hand, from where to step to which path ahead is safest.

These adventure styles don’t just require bravery, flexibility, and quick thinking, they also need athletes to be able to access their full ranges of motion. Arms, legs, hands, feet- everything is part of the journey when you’re propelling yourself upwards on a rock face or into dark, cavernous depths. So how do you light your way?

Hands-free torches and headlamps are our top recommendations.

Climbing with Hands-Free Torches

Did you know that torches for climbing come in all shapes and sizes, not just those designed to fit the head?

Depending on your climbing needs, a clip-on light like the Clipmate USB Cliplight offers handsfree illumination by easily affixing to a pocket, hat, or rucksack. It has a flexible head that you can angle in whichever way suits your visibility needs- and any way you shine it, it pumps out 44 metres of bright LED light.

LED torches are the most predominant hands-free torch options for climbers because they’re often more powerful and lighter than their traditional battery-powered, handheld equivalents. LED lights also typically have longer battery lives, allowing you to climb all night without needing to worry about recharging.

If you’re adventuring in the day, a tiny keychain torch may also be useful for you. Anyone keen to peek into crevices before sticking their fingers in them would appreciate having a high powered LED pinlight easily accessible on their climb.

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Caving with High Quality Headlamps

Part of the thrill of caving or spelunking is reaching destinations where the sun doesn’t shine. These seldom-seen parts of nature are visible only thanks to torches and headlamps.

A headlamp or head torch (also a favourite of the mountain climbing set) clearly illuminates the exact areas you face, making it indispensable for cave exploration. We need to see where we’re headed while using our hands to climb and crawl through all of the wonders of nature’s underground.

Expert cavers opt for head torches that have several brightness settings for white LED light and even the ability to shine red LED light. That type of light is easiest on the eyes, while multiple white LED options allows them to adjust the lumen level as needed. You might think the brighter the better when in a cave, but shining high beams in tight spaces can actually be blinding.

On the other hand, the option to send a focused beam of bright light down into a hole or passageway is key to exploring safely. You’ll want a headlamp that can do both, like the USB HAZ-LO Intrinsically Safe Headlamp. It  has three modes: spot for distance, flood for area illumination, and a spot/flood combo for increased light output overall.

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Torch Options for Any Adventure

That HAZ-LO head torch is ideal for climbers and cavers because it’s designed to fasten on top of a hard hat. As these adventurers know, it’s irresponsible and downright dangerous to explore great heights or great depths without one.

At Streamlight Pro we pride ourselves on offering the UK’s best portable lighting products. This includes top quality headlamps and head torches. Many of our headlamps feature flexible but durable rubber hat straps and 3M Dual Lock fasteners for strapless mounting to hard hats.

For climbers and cavers wanting torches with extra long burn time, our USB rechargeable batteries are the way to go. The Enduro Pro USB, Twin Task USB Headlamp, and Double Clutch USB Headlamp are all rechargeable and designed to hold their charges for up to 48 hours of constant use.

Concerned about climbing near splashing water, or caving in wet terrain? No sweat. All of our headlamps and head torches are made from waterproof or water resistant materials too.

For a roundup of more flashlight and head torch options, follow the link below.

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