Crisis & Emegency response

Nothing is more important than your safety.

Portable lighting products are some of the most essential tools you can have to hand- whether you’re part of a professional emergency response team or a citizen motivated to manage any crisis life throws your way.

Nobody wants to find themselves unprepared in a crisis. Unfortunately, a string of record-breaking storms here in the UK have shown us that wind, rain, and destructive weather can be just as dangerous as criminal activity. Both emergency services professionals and law enforcement officers frequently utilise Streamline Pro portable lighting equipment to help keep communities safe.

The right equipment can ensure the safety of your teams, your family, or yourself in the event of power interruptions, evacuations and general emergencies. Here’s more on how to select the right torches, lamps, and battery packs for your needs.

Torches Lighting the Way

For room to room or outdoor navigation during moments of crisis, torches are essential. You’ll want to invest in a torch you can trust to provide you with long-lasting, far-reaching light in all kinds of weather.

For search and rescue operations, bright light can make the difference between life and death. Professionals trust torches like the Waypoint Series 300. It can run up to 87 hours on end, approximately one full week of nights (86 hours, 12 hours per night) without needing a recharge or battery change.

Most importantly, that torch blasts out 1000 lumens reaching 1039 metres into the distance when its beam is on the highest setting. This tool won’t get tired before you do, but it also won’t tire you out. It has three settings that you can quickly alternate between using a cushioned pistol grip handle designed for long-term hold. For details about these torches and their world-class durability, follow this link:

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Lamps and Hands Free Power

Sometimes a crisis calls for hands-free action. That’s when high-powered portable lamps, lanterns, and lights have their time to shine. For a top of the line option in this field, look no further than the Sidewinder Military Model LED Light.

The Sidewinder is a military grade tool for 200 hours of uninterrupted illumination. That’s true no matter the weather. In storm-related emergencies like floods and hurricanes, you can trust that the Sidewinder will stay strong with its exceptional durability, weather resistance, and ability to be submerged in water up to one metre deep without any change in performance.

Look for options like this with mountable features that let you use them at any height, depth, or angle. Temperature considerations are important, too: many of our lamps and lanterns offer battery versatility (LED, AA, and combinations) that keep them operating in extreme temperatures.

Everything You Need to Stay Prepared

For those with next-level readiness, Streamlight Pro has streamlined solutions for keeping your emergency response kits stocked.

One example is our NiMH Battery Stick. It’s an affordable, compact battery compatible with virtually any Stinger lighting product. Should any of your torches or lanterns lose steam after long-hauls of emergency response, having just one of these sticks on hand makes it possible to keep the power flowing.

The best part? It isn’t single use. ‘NiMH battery’ stands for nickel metal hydride battery, a rechargeable form of battery similar to a Lithium Ion in its reusability. This in-case-of-emergencies backup battery can actually play the hero over and over again.

When your tools are sorted ahead of time, you can better focus on the crisis at hand. Find out more about our reliable emergency equipment at the link below.

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