What’s in your bike kit?

Most cyclists know they should carry a few basic essentials every time they hit the road, like a portable pump, some tire patches, and a pocket multi-tool. Also essential: lights.

Experts at publications like Bike Radar put ‘lights’ as a top item every single cyclist needs. They report that it’s especially true in countries like the UK where biking between dusk and dawn without lights is an illegal act.

Along with lights on the front and tail of your bike, hand torches and pocket torches are worthwhile additions to any cyclist’s gear bag.

Keep Light Close at Hand

Whether you’re on a road, a trail, or a track, it’s essential to illuminate yourself and illuminate the way ahead. Look into light options that have multiple illumination settings. This ensures you get the most out of their battery life, and have the option of softer settings that avoid dazzling other drivers on the road.

Bikes often need roadside maintenance as a result of everyday wear and tear (or in the worst cases, accidents). If there’s a chance you’ll be biking in the dark, lightweight torches can make those difficult times much easier to handle.

Torches like Streamlight Pro’s Protac 2AA Flashlight are waterproof, guaranteeing safe and effective use in all weather. It can stay on for hours at a time and fits neatly in a cyclist’s tool kit at just about 6 inches in length. Clip it to your kickstand for a hand in roadside repairs, or point it toward the street for your own safety (it offers a full 130 metres of illumination).

You can also opt for a powerful keychain flashlight, ideal for clipping to a saddle bag or backpack. Some rucksacks designed specifically for cycling will have their own attachment points made for this purpose.

Streamlight Pro’s own Logo Keychain Flashlight kicks out an impressive high intensity white LED light with a blink mode that can flash continuously for 45 hours.

Options for Your Pocket

Stay prepared with pocketable torch options like the slightly smaller Protac 2AAA Flashlight. At just 5 inches in length, it’s slightly shorter than the average hand size of both adult men and women. That means it fits comfortably in your palm and your pocket- but it’s powerful enough to illuminate 70 metres ahead for up to 43 hours on end.

Our Wedge torch light is another perfect choice for cyclists. It’s got a deep-carry pocket clip that keeps it safely attached to your jacket or shorts while you move. Its thin, ergonomic design also fits comfortably in your hand and provides clean pocket carry.

That pocket torch has a rechargeable lithium battery so cyclists can quickly and efficiently keep it ready to use.

Mountain Biking Needs

The obstacles riders face on low-lit country roads are different from those you’d find on busy urban streets or bumpy trails, and light safety is especially important for those who bike off the beaten path.

A 2021 study from the English Journal of Sports Medicine found that mountain bikers across the UK are at a higher risk of injury than most other cyclists. Being able to see in rural districts was a key factor in their injury rate.

To boost your safety as an off-road cyclist, be sure to prioritise quality lighting and visibility on your rides. When you can see where you’re headed you’re more likely to get there without injury.

Bike Radar says high-powered lights are essential for mountain biking, ideally when they can produce more than 100-130 lumens.

You can explore our selection of powerful hand torches and pocket torches at the link below.

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