Dog Walking

Walks are a vital part of keeping dogs healthy. Those walks are good for their owners, too! Dog owners often experience decreased stress, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular fitness, and greater bone strength than people who don’t walk their pets daily, according to Better Health. If you’ve got a dog that you care for, it’s likely that you’ve felt some of these health benefits for yourself.

Health and safety go hand in hand. With both in mind, it’s essential for dog owners to take responsibility for their own visibility- wherever and whenever they walk. Hi-vis accessories for dogs and people are a great start, but an LED torch is our top choice for the job.

Lighting Your Nightly Walks

Vets recommend dogs get walked as often as possible, and on a schedule that’s as fixed and regular as their owners can manage. For most working dog owners, this means stepping out daily either before their workday begins (dawn) or after it ends (dusk). Depending on the time of year, it’s not unusual for those evening or early morning walks to happen in complete darkness.

LED torches offer clean, white light that easily illuminates the path ahead for you and your pup. For example, the Stinger LED Flashlight works in high, medium, and low brightness modes so you can adjust it as needed while your walk brightens or darkens. That saves you battery power in the long run!

It’s also a sturdy and durable option- useful for those of us with high-energy active dogs that have no concept of personal space. The Stinger has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens and scratch-resistant coating. It’s the kind of purchase that lasts a lifetime (and comes with a warranty to prove it).

See and Be Seen

With the right LED flashlight, you and your dog will be safely visible to any drivers passing you on your route. You’ll also be visible to your dog, a perk in itself.

Flashlights like Streamlight Pro’s Twin-Task 3C UV LED Flashlight operate with two distinct lighting modes including both LED capability and a UV light setting. UV light’s natural blue tone is bright (up to 185 lumens!) but cool enough to shine directly toward yourself or your dog without dazzling or bothering them. That’s especially valuable for dogs who are used to eye contact when receiving commands.

Into the Wild

If you’ve got a dog who spends time off-leash, safety and visibility are all the more important.

With a powerful LED flashlight for dog walking, owners are able to keep track of their dogs’ whereabouts as they explore safely within sight. At Streamlight Pro, we recognise that torch illumination distance is a key factor in a flashlight’s effectiveness, so we’re stocked with LED flashlights that meet that mark.

Our handheld SL-20LP flashlight has a beam distance of 529 metres. That’s almost five times longer than a standard-sized football or rugby pitch! There is little likelihood your pet can walk out of reach with this tool at your disposal. It’s also got a non-slip rubber comfort grip that ensures you can easily keep hold of it in any kind of weather.

LED flashlights are the ideal way to keep yourself and your puppy within sight of each other regardless of what might happen on a walk. Dog spot a squirrel and hit the ground running? With a top quality torch in your hand there’s no chance they’ll be out of your view, even at the darkest times of night.

For our full selection of state-of-the-art LED torches, visit the link below.

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