Expedition & Adventure

Are you ready to conquer the great outdoors? There are loads of compact, long-lasting light options that can guide you on your way.

Our lanterns, lamps, and flashlights are designed with adventurers like you in mind. They combine reliable technology with strong, durable stability, helping you gain stable footing on every hike and expedition.

If you’re heading out at night for work or research purposes, glare reducing covers make lamps and lanterns ideal for task lighting. If you’re adventuring for fun, there are dozens of reasons a lamp, lantern, or torch will enhance your outdoor experience. Read on to learn a few.

Bring Along a Lantern

There aren’t many pieces of adventure gear with more versatility than a top-class lantern. You may not expect it, but high quality lanterns come with features that can easily be integrated into any outdoor expedition.

Take the Super Siege Lantern. Its most basic function is to shine 360 degrees of ultra-bright 1,100 lumens while sitting on its rubber base. Set it down and get to work on whatever project or activity you need illuminated. Need light underwater? It works while submerged. Need overhead lighting? It can be hung by its specially-designed D-ring and fill even luxury family-sized tents with bright light, easily.

Its rechargeable lithium battery can be connected by USB port to other rechargeable torches, sharing its 36.5 hours of battery power. It even has an emergency SOS mode that can help you signal for help if you need it. Weighing in at under two pounds, this tool is well worth packing.

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Lamps for Outdoor Use

The Siege AA Outdoor Lantern weighs even less at just .5 pounds! This option is ideal for lightweight packing, and offers similar uses for adventuring folks. Its charge can last 37 hours, and it can stand, hang, or float as needed. You can even submerge it up to one metre under water without damaging the equipment’s integrity.

For late nights trekking in the wilderness this lamp is an eye-saver: it has a red LED mode made to support more effective and less strained night vision. It’s also got an optional magnetic base, meaning you can stick it anywhere that grants you the best lighting vantage point.

That can be helpful in the most unexpected moments! Side of your truck in the unlucky scenario that it breaks down mid-trip? Sure. That lamp could be the difference between changing your tire in the dark and doing the same task with a self-adhering lantern perched right above your wheel.

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Flashlights Are Essential

For venturing off the beaten trail, a handheld flashlight is a good shout. They’re not just handy: they can be lifesaving additions to your gear pack. In the event that you or one of your fellow adventurers finds themselves in a sticky situation, powerful flashlights can make all the difference.

Streamlight Pro’s Waypoint Series Pistol Grip Spotlight torch is ideal for long distance illumination. Its beam and battery power are so strong that professionals use it for search and rescue operations. It kicks out 1000 lumens with a 1039 metre beam when set on high, offers 87 hours of continuous battery life, and features water resistant polycarbonate that makes it float in case it’s dropped.

Flashlights of this quality can be handheld OR perched like a lantern on their integrated stands. If you need to light an area while you explore free-handed within it, torches like that Waypoint model are perfect for the job.

To browse our selection of high quality handheld torches, visit the link below.

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