For anyone whose fishing trips extend beyond dusk or before dawn, rechargeable torches are a good catch.

Our rechargeable torches are made to support outdoor adventurers like fishing enthusiasts, competitors, and amateurs in a range of valuable ways. They’re an essential part of fishing in the calm waters of night (a time so good for fishing that there’s a chart topping country song about it!).

Whether you fish by yourself, with your team, or with a friend, keeping at least one good torch on your person is key for fishing safety. You don’t want to be using sharp tools on dark nights without it- and in the worst cases, you’ll want to have it handy for signaling help across the water.

Here’s what to look for in a rechargeable torch for fishing.

Waterproof Rechargeable Torches

Perhaps most important to using torches while out on the water is that the torches themselves can withstand that water. Look for flashlights that have IPX4 water-resistant ratings and above. IPX4 refers to a product’s capability to withstand splashes of water from any direction.

Consider the SL-20LP Flashlight, a lightweight, impact-resistant torch with that coveted IPX4 rating. 450 lumens give this flashlight an impressive beam distance of 529 metres. It’s also perfect for the rough and tumble moments that happen when reeling in a big catch, with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, scratch-resistant coating, and a non-slip rubber coating for added grip. As a bonus, it comes in several bright colours so you can easily locate and grab it if it ever goes rolling.

Take Your Time

The last thing you want to be thinking about on a fishing trip is how long your flashlight battery is going to last. That’s why it’s important to invest in a high-quality option that keeps you safely lit when you need it.

One extra long-lasting torch option is the Sidewinder Military Model. It’s got exceptional durability and weather resistance, able to run for 100 hours on end. It’s also as waterproof as they come: this tool can safely plunge a metre deep, and stay submerged for 30 minutes without sustaining damage.

This torch’s 180 degree tilting body can be perched on the side of your boat to help you aim high or low light beams exactly where you need it. If you happen to knock it off its mount while angling, you don’t even have to rush to retrieve it. It’s gasket-sealed and three-metre impact tested.

Respect the Environment

Have you eliminated single-use batteries in your life? Those batteries are disposable, but their contents are harmful to the world- specifically to our planet’s water. They typically contain alkaline, zinc-carbon, and coal dust in amounts that make them unsafe for regular garbage disposal.

According to, when batteries are improperly left to decay “photochemical reactions can release greenhouse gases, and the harmful heavy metals can be absorbed into soil or find their way into water supplies, lakes and rivers.”

Rechargeable batteries make it possible to store power in the same receptacle over and over again. Many torches in our range of products contain batteries that reliably can be recharged via USB up to 1000 times. That’s replacing almost 1000 single use batteries that could end up in landfills, leeching their components into our soil.

Plus, with all the other gadgets in your life we bet you’ve got a few USB charging cables already kicking around! Many of our torches come with their own cables but having spares that you can re-use is another way to reduce waste and keep our planet healthy for fishing expeditions to come.

You can browse our full selection of rechargeable torches at the link below.

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