You can’t use just any torch or lamp when hunting- but you’d be wrong to go without one.

Making sure you’ve got quality flashlights and head torches packed with your standard gear is like making sure your weapons have proper ammunition. If done right, both can enhance the success of your hunt. If done wrong, both can be a safety risk.

Lighting the hunt is an important part of staying safe, aiming effectively, being seen by fellow hunters, and NOT being seen when it counts the most.

It’s truly essential that you have appropriate, reliable tools for navigating the path ahead, and even to signalling for assistance when needed. Here’s what you should know about choosing a light source for your next hunt.

Durable, Lightweight Hunting Torches

What hunters are looking for additional heavy gear to pile into their vehicles and gear bags? Not us. While everyone’s limits are different in relation to what they can comfortably carry, a good rule of thumb is to opt for the lightest choice when you’re already weighed down by other essentials.

A clear option is to go with a headlamp or head torch. These are perfect for hands-free illumination and lightweight enough to rest on your brow without being a distraction. Read about our full selection of top quality headlamps at the link below.

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It’s inadvisable to carry a flashlight that’s heavier than 600 grams while hunting, so you can also look for torches that can fit easily into pockets like the Protac 2AAA Flashlight. At just 5 inches in length, it slides and clips comfortably into your pocket or onto your belt. Plus it’s powerful enough to illuminate 70 metres ahead for up to 43 hours on end.

Seeing Red

Why is red so essential for hunting lights? There are several key reasons.

Firstly, most game cannot see red light. Their vision has what’s called a dichromatic colour palette. Take foxes for example: their dichromatic vision makes them essentially red-green colourblind, so to their eyes, red beams of light seamlessly blend into the green shades of forest trees and brush.

Since many animals can’t detect them, using red beams from torches like The Siege AA Outdoor Lantern make it possible for hunters to approach with full visibility on the animal, but minimal visibility on themselves. Shining red toward an entire skulk of foxes is unlikely to elicit a flight response from even one of them.

Red is also the hunter’s colour of choice because of its compatibility with night vision. It’s less harsh on the naked eye, and compliments night vision goggle visibility because (on a scientific level) its long, soft lightwaves offer minimal interference to the unlit view that goggles are designed to navigate.

This being said, avoid torch and headlamp options for hunting that are colourful themselves. Torch handles with bright orange and yellow coating are great for other outdoor adventures but anything reflective here is a no-go. Always pick the black or camo-toned ones.

Hunting Flashlights with Focused Beams

Locating game and providing maximum visibility to your team involves both powerful and strategic illumination. If the light is right, your chances of achieving clean shots are improved.

You’ll want lighting sources that can emit both floodlight and finely focused beams of light. These make it possible to light your path with purpose, illuminating only the aspects of the scene that you want to see. This can help you quickly and efficiently assess situations from afar.

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