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‘ATTGATT’ – a motorcyclist’s term for someone who’s got All The Gear, All The Time. Does that sound like anyone you know?

There are definite perks to being one of the most prepared people on the road. Whether your bike bags are packed with useful tools or you prefer to ride in a more minimalist way, make sure you’re taking at least one high-powered torch on the road.

Driving Life lists flashlights as a number one most essential motorcycle repair tool, above hammers, pliers, impact drivers, and more. They’re portable, they’re compact, and they make all the difference for bikers seeking to do anything from minor customisations to major roadside repairs.

Top Range Torches

Most bikers have two objectives when selecting flashlights for their customisation and repair needs. Firstly, they need a torch that is powerful enough to effectively illuminate the underside of their bikes. Secondly, they need one that’s lightweight and durable enough to take with them on their bikes should anything happen on the road.

In the best case scenarios, they find one flashlight that can do both. Options like the Protac 2AA Flashlight are tactical handheld torches that are both powerful and pocket sized. This flashlight emits a focused beam of 250 lumens. It’s also got durable, anodised aluminium construction that’s impact resistance tested and waterproof, so there are no worries about it being up for life on the road. It even comes with its own set of two AA batteries and a nylon holster.

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Hands-Free Lighting for Repairs and Customisations

Lamps, lanterns, and stand-alone work lights are great additions to any garage or gear bag. Some are made with vehicles in mind, like the magnetic base on the Siege AA Outdoor Lantern. Similarly the Syclone USB work light can illuminate any bike mechanic’s workspace from its compact three inch by three inch base.

Outside the garage, be sure to look out for lightweight options that fit neatly into your jacket or jeans. Streamlight Pro’s own Wedge torch light has a deep-carry pocket clip that lets you cleanly slide and lock it into your pocket. Its thin, ergonomic design sits comfortably in your hand and on your belt, too. Wherever you’d like to keep a little extra light, Wedge has you covered.

Taking a flashlight on the road can be life-saving: in the unfortunate case of your motorcycle breaking down in a way that runs its rider off the road, grabbing a small but powerful light from your pocket can help passing drivers locate you safely.

Chemical-Resistant Equipment

Here’s an important consideration that often gets overlooked: auto mechanic maintenance tools are best when they can withstand specific automotive chemicals. You want equipment with elements that won’t erode just by being handled by fuel-covered hands.

One good example of a built-for-purpose mechanic tool is the Syclone USB Work-light. It’s got a chemical-resistant lens coated to withstand most common automotive chemicals. It’s also only three square inches in size, with CRI LED indicators that provide colour recognition for auto motive paint applications and wires (Streamlight’s Color-Rite Technology).

The Syclone hangs, sticks, stands and rotates for versatile lighting anywhere, perfect for confined spaces and travels on the road. Its cool white LEDs shine 400 lumens of clear light, optimal for roadside repairs. Its head even swivels 360 degrees so riders can aim the beam exactly where they need it, and adjust it with one hand.

For more built-for-purpose auto motive lighting solutions, check out Streamlight Pro’s selection at the link below.

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