Lighting solutions for law enforcement and security professionals.

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(NEW) Waypoint® Series 300

Dualie 2AA Flashlight

Dualie® 2AA Flashlight

E-Flood Litebox Lantern Orange

E-Flood® LiteBox® Lantern

E-spot Litebox Lantern Orange

E-Spot® Litebox® Lantern

Fire Vulcan LED Lantern

Fire Vulcan® LED Lantern

HID Litebox Lantern

HID LiteBox® Lantern

Night Com LED Flashlight

Night Com® LED Flashlight

Polystinger LED Flashlight

PolyStinger® LED Flashlight

Polytac Flashlight

Polytac® Flashlight

Portable Scene Light

Portable Scene Light

Protac HL USB Flashlight

Protac HL® USB Flashlight

Protac 1AAA Penlight

Protac® 1AAA Penlight

Protac 1L 1AA Flashlight

Protac® 1L-1AA Flashlight

Protac 2AA Flashlight

Protac® 2AA Flashlight

Protac 2AAA Flashlight

Protac® 2AAA Flashlight

Sidewinder Compact-II Hands Free Light

Sidewinder Compact® II Hands Free Light