Bring the light when you’re on the move! Lighting your own runs can be transformative for athletes and recreational runners.

Lasting fitness gains only happen with consistent training- and for most grown folks, that means running before or after work. As the winter months approach and clock changes make real differences in your morning and night routines, lightweight lighting lets you stick to your schedule year round.

So how do you integrate hi-tech light tools into your runs? Headlamps and small portable torches are the way to go.

Headlamps for Runners

For road running, Running World experts recommend using headlamps that produce a brightness of about 200 lumens. This allows you to clearly see the road ahead and easily signal your presence to approaching drivers.

The Enduro Pro USB Headlamp kicks out 200 lumens in the form of a spot light, distance light, or flood light. Its multiple settings mean you can adjust the lightness level depending on your needs. Running under a full moon is is quite different than running on an overcast night, and this headlamp gives runners the options to be comfortably lit without dazzling drivers or needlessly running down battery power.

Head torches like the Enduro Pro are ergonomically designed, ensuring that runners barely notice the four ounces of weight resting comfortably above their ears.

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Effective in All Terrain

Trail running has even greater illumination demands. As we all know, trails are often full of hazards and obstacles like roots, rocks, and patches of slippery mud. They add to the fun challenge of a good trail run! They also add increased risk of injury when not lit properly.

A great option for trail running is the Double Clutch USB Headlamp. It’s got a lumen strength of 125 and a distance range of 82 metres. Runners can relax and focus on their workout with all obstacles illuminated ahead- whether they’re crossing a misty more or navigating thick woodlands.

That torch is ‘double fuel optioned,’ meaning you can power it with a USB charge, AAA batteries, or both. For some runners, staying lit for a long time is a high priority. Marathon trail runs benefit from high quality tools that can keep their charge for hours on end. USB rechargeability is also good for the environment, ensuring that what you wear while enjoying nature is doing its own small part to keep nature healthy.

Power at Your Hip (Or On Your Zip)

If you opt out of wearing a head torch you’d definitely benefit from some alternative, emergency lighting options on your pre-dawn and post-work runs. Should something happen, small portable flashlights are well worth packing.

Streamlight Pro’s own Stylus Pro Penlight is so compact and lightweight it can clip to a water bottle. It’s small but mighty! This tool delivers a 62 metre beam of 100 lumens, easily illuminating any path or helping to attract attention and assistance from passers by when needed. It also comes with a tear-resistant nylon holster for any runner hoping to pop it safely in their belt or bag.

Runners can also take powerful keychain flashlights along on their journeys. These are ideal for those concerned with adding weight to their run.

Streamlight Pro’s own Logo Keychain Flashlight kicks out an impressive high intensity white LED light with a blink mode that can flash continuously for 45 hours. It’s less than one inch long, and can easily be attached to your person as a zipper pull on your clothes or clipped into your shorts’ pocket.

For more on products that can keep you safe while you exercise, visit the link below.

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