The STINGER™ available from Streamlightpro recently featured on the Viking Drop Gear Series being put through it’s paces in terms of extreme endurance.

Designed as a Duty Light the STINGER™ is a popular torch with both the professional and home user being so rugged and reliable yet retaining the deceptively traditional looks of a standard torch.

The Streamlight STINGER™ comes in various models depending on its primary purpose and the option of numerous accessories for different charging set-ups, however, the product featured in the Drop Gear video was the STINGER™ CLASSIC LED. A rechargeable torch featuring C4 LED technology for extreme brightness and up to 50,000 hour life.

Officially rated IPX4 for water resistant operation the torch in the film easily withstood 30 minutes fully submerged in the local River Nidd.

The body of the torch is made from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminium, so you would certainly expect it to be fairly impact resistant and when driven over by 2000kg of Landrover Discovery it didn’t make very much impression at all and the torch remained fully operational.

Finally, the Streamlight STINGER™ is officially tested to be impact resistant to 1m. I suppose the usual drop height of a hand-carried torch so that makes sense. The guys at Drop Gear, however, took it to the local Fire Station and dropped it off the training tower. A 15m fall captured in slow motion. Impressively the fall again made little impact at all – both the case and lens remained intact and the torch continued to function normally.

We know Streamlight torches are built for professionals, we know they aren’t cheap and we therefore know they are more than built to last – however, even Drop Gear were a little surprised that none of the three tests even caused the STINGER™ to flicker!

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