Whilst it sounds like a possible update to the name of a certain famous Irish band member this is in fact a torch. No, scrap that, this is not just a torch, this is the sexiest little tactical tool to pop up into the every day carry arena in a long time. In short – it’s just really, really cool.

How to describe it?

Well it’s sort of chunky but it’s also incredibly slick. By that I mean it’s solid and its ergonomics lend itself to a strong grip when needed, whilst also being incredibly compact and on-the-body friendly. Because of that, on the downside, it’s a total fiddle magnet! You simply won’t want to stop touching it… and as its designed for clean pocket carry that could get awkward for some.

Luckily it also comes with a clip that can be mounted either side of the switch depending on if you are left or right-handed – that way you can keep it outside of your trousers as well.

In terms of dimensions it is just under 14cm in length and weighs 93.5g. It’s machined alluminium case has a Type II MIL-Spec anodised finish available in either Black or Coyote.

Lighting Modes

The Wedge™ has two different lighting modes, the constant which boasts an impressive 3 hours runtime at 300 lumens and then there is the THRO™ mode, designed to be a quick and distracting burst of high intensity light which is activated by simply moving the switch forward. At a whopping 1000 lumens THRO™ mode is not designed for constant use – in layman’s terms it’s designed for shock and awe.

Not only are the ergonomics of this little fella seriously impressive the technology is at the top of its game too. The Wedge™ is charged through a USB-C port, which itself is IPX7 waterproof rated. It has a battery charge indicator embedded in the switch to keep its current status clear and simple. Green for fully charged, red for charge not full but not critical and a blinking red light to say ‘Charge me now’.

So who brings us this little pocket rocket?

The US call them flashlights, the UK call them torches, to avoid any further confusion we are going to introduce you to Streamlight® – one could argue the founding father of today’s professional portable lights tools having pioneered torch design and technology since 1973. Streamlight® is a leading supplier to the Emergency services, military personnel and industry.

They design torches that do a job reliably in all environments and that will stand the test of time. Streamlight®, therefore, backs all of its products with a Warranty to be free from defects for a lifetime of use – of course, the usual exceptions of batteries and bulbs and extreme abuse apply, but in this day and age shows absolute confidence and pride in what they are doing.

At a RRP of £125 this is not cheap and I think it must be highlighted that is because it’s not a toy. If you’re after a cheap torch – go to the local fuel station and buy the latest £9.99 offering. If you’re just after cool there are some good offerings from Europe that look the part and will probably serve you well for a couple of years, but if you’re after something that can genuinely walk the walk AND talk the talk – Streamlight® is the way forward.

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