Workshops and Garages

Does your job involve construction, maintenance, industrial work, or automotive repair? Experts in those professions deserve access to the best quality torches on the market today.

If you’re a professional in these fields, you know that high performance lights can make a real difference to your workday. From tests to tune ups, nothing is possible in the dark- and a busy workshop or garage can’t be effectively lit by industrial overhead lights alone.

When you’ve got to get in, around, and under vehicles or construction projects, you want light that works with you. We recommend the following portable lighting products for your unique needs.

Tools Suitable for Mechanics

While most people can recognise that ‘lighting’ is an important element to any workspace, most don’t know the complex differences involved in lighting different workspaces. For example, you can’t light a computer desk and a car’s engine with the same tool.

Streamlight Pro offers lighting solutions specifically made with mechanics in mind. Consider the Stinger Switchblade LED Work Light. Shining at an impressive 800 lumens, it’s a super bright light bar that you can affix to your chosen point underneath a vehicle (or beside it, under the hood, and so on). It has 180 degree rotation for maximum flexibility and five different light settings in one: a drop light option, a hands free option, a white light, a UV light, and a Color-Rite light. Color-Rite is a trusted setting you can use to confidently colour match during auto paint applications, and to ensure the wires you’re handling are not lit in a way that distorts their colour.

Another built-for-purpose workshop light is the Syclone USB Work-light. It stands on its own at just three inches high, with a chemical-resistant lens coated to withstand most common automotive chemicals.

Extra Long Burn Time

You don’t want tools that quit before your work is done. Be sure to notice the battery lifespan of any torch or light you purchase, aiming to find options that perform for about ten or more hours at one time. Prioritising battery burn time pays off in the long run.

If you’re a fan of the handheld torch, look for LED flashlights because they typically have the longest battery life. Streamlight Pro’s own Stinger LED Flashlight offers high performance precision lighting, and a top tier NiMH sub-C battery (rechargeable up to 1000 times, and lasting about 10 hours each time).

This light is multi-purpose but manufacturers have labelled it suitable for mechanics. Thanks to its multi-function on/off push button switch and anti-oil rubber ring. That’s not bad for a torch that already emits 425 lumens at a 322 metre beam distance.

Headlamps and Head Torches

When you work with your hands, that’s just it: you work with your hands! When tasks call for up-close lighting that leaves your hands free, lightweight head torches are your best shout.

Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable for all-day wear, and their settings include variations in lumen strength to protect your eyes as the day goes on. Being able to easily switch between settings lets you save your eyes from unnecessary strain and save your torch’s battery from draining faster than it needs to.

Those who work in garages and workshops can benefit from a wide selection of head lamps and head torches offered here at Streamlight Pro. Our Enduro Pro USB, USB HAZ-LO Intrinsically Safe Headlamp, Twin Task USB Headlamp, and Double Clutch USB Headlamp are great rechargeable options with up to 48 hours of battery power per single charge.

If you’d like to learn more about the products and solutions designed to fit professionals in your specific line of work, you can find more information at the link below.

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